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  File Undelete 2009

File Undelete 2009 File UndeleteTM 2009 is an easy to use, affordable do-it-yourself data Undelete solution that is designed to recovers lost, accidentally deleted, or inaccessible files, folders, complete partitions or entire drives from multiple file types, media and operating systems. It allows you to recover files that have been removed from the Recycle Bin, as well as those deleted by-passing the Recycle Bin (e.g. Shift-Delete). It will also recover files deleted by virus or Trojan attacks, unexpected system shutdown and software faults.
File UndeleteTM can recover all file types, support for over 350 specific file types including document files, Photo, audio files, video files, digital media files, and more!
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  What can File Undelete do?

  • Recover deleted or lost files even if emptied from the Recycle Bin
  • File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows
  • Recovers a wide variety of file types, including recycled, compressed and encrypted
  • Recovers data lost due to a virus or Trojan attack or software faults
  • Files recovery after a hard disk crash
  • Recover files after a partitioning error
  • Recover files from RAW hard drives
  • Recover files of known types: documents, images and photos, video, audio, email and much more.
  • Recover from hard drive, USB, Zip, camera card, floppy disk or other removable devices.

  Program features and Advantages:

  • Recover files from deleted, damaged, formatted or reformatted partitions
  • Supports both quick scan and full scan modes
  • Explorer-style user interface.
  • Support removable devices
  • Support external ZIP drives and USB hard drives
  • Quick scanning speed
  • File Undelete supports both NTFS and FAT32 volumes.
  • File Undelete supports IDE / SATA / SCSI / ATA hard disk drives
  • Preset file filter options for quick scan or a full scan.
  • No temporary files and no virtual memory, try to protect original data from being destroyed.
  • Filters for displaying or hiding files
  • Advanced File Find options including "Find", "Find Next", and "Find Previous" for enhanced searching.
  • File display tree allows filtering and sorting by name, date, time, status, and size capabilities.
  • User-friendly graphical interface for ease of use.
  • Small file size - all files are compressed to one file only 1MB
  • Low requirements - Pentium CPU 300MHZ or higher plus 64MB RAM or more.
  • You need not install it. You need only the EXE file and one DLL to run it.
  • Built-in hex editor
  • Support localized and long filenames
  • Support large size hard drives
  • It supports Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
  • and many more!
  File Undelete puts the power and control of the recovery process in your hands and works in three easy steps:
  • Scan the hard drives or media for lost data
  • Select folders and files to recover
  • Copy lost files and/or folders to a safe location


How to make a copy of your photos, videos, chats and other Facebook data

Today we are going to explain to you how you can ask Facebook to send you a backup of all your data . This is an important step if you want to eliminate your account , but also to heal yourself against any unforeseen event or simply have your own backup safeguarded in your own server or external hard drive.

Although at first glance the option is a little hidden, the process is much faster and easier than it seems. We will guide you step by step through the process, since even being simple it will require you to be attentive to both the Facebook website and your email. Increase your faceook likes and followers by visiting this website Let’s get started!

Your Facebook backup

To start, you have to first enter the Facebook settings . You can do it by displaying the menu that appears when you click the down arrow icon that you have at the top right of the whole. Among the options that will appear, choose the Configuration option .

You will see that in the configuration you will see several sections and options, but do not worry because you have to stay in the General section to which you will have entered by default. In it, right at the end of the whole you’ll see a link where it says Download a copy of your information . Click on it to start the process of creating your backup.

First, Facebook will clarify that you are going to download a copy of the information you have posted on the social network. This will include posts, photos, videos, chat messages or your profile data. Now you only have to press the Create my file button that will appear in green on your screen and you will start the application.

First you will see a box where you will be asked to enter your Facebook password, and then a message like the one you see above. It warns you that it may take time to collect all your data and send them to you. This is your last chance to back out, and when you click Create my file you will complete the order for Facebook to send you your backup.

Now it’s time for you to go to your email, the same one you registered with on the social network. You will have received an email in which Facebook informs you that you have requested a copy of your data, but that this may take. It also tells you that when it is ready they will send you another email with the download link.

It may take a few minutes, a few hours or a few days, it will depend on how many photos and conversations you have, but when everything is ready Facebook will send you the second email. This will include a link at the end, click on it.

And that’s it. This link will take you to another page where you will only have to click Download file , before starting the download you will be asked for your password again. The file will be compressed , and when you unzip it you will find several folders with your photos, your videos, your Facebook friends, and much of the data that the social network keeps about you.

The 7 Essential Computer Programs for a Professional Photographer

Every self-respecting photographer must know first-hand a series of computer tools that help him in his daily work. The software for photographers has become over the course of a few years, key to the day to day of professionals of Best Pre Wedding Photographer Singapore.

Twenty or thirty years ago, photographers shot with film. I remember that in my first job as a photographer, my boss had just bought his first digital SLR camera and was still adapting to the new era. Before that, at weddings, he spent about twenty 35mm reels and then revealed the photos in size 9x13cm to subsequently paste them on cardboards and file them for customers to take them home and choose the ones they wanted to include in their album. wedding .

Things have changed since then at a dizzying pace. For less than 20 years everyone has a computer at home, and for most is an essential work tool . As photographers it has become our second indispensable tool, after our camera .

We will try to compile below the most important computer programs for professionals of photography:


How could it be otherwise, I have to start with the software of AdminPhoto , the owner of this blog. As you already know, it is a management software for professional photographers that is both CRM (customer management, budgets, appointments, calls, agenda, etc.) and ERP (order management, invoices, suppliers, etc.). . Thanks to AdminPhoto you will be able to manage your business from any device in a simple and efficient way, saving time while getting more customers.


Bluntly, the software from Adobe is a must for any professional photographer. It is the photo editing program par excellence and it should not be missing from your computer.

Currently Adobe offers a subscription plan for photographers of € 12.09 per month to have Photoshop and Lightroom , as well as other programs such as Spark Page, or Premiere Clip.

In this way you will be up to date with updates and new product outputs.


If what you are looking for is free photo editing software , Gimp is the ideal application. It is the free alternative to Photoshop.

It is a free program , easy to install and very complete. It’s perfect if you still do not want to invest in paid software.

Gimp is an undervalued product. I, personally, have tried to edit several photographs to check the game that can be taken and has nothing to envy Photoshop if you know how to handle it. The tools are in completely different places than in the Adobe software, but after a few minutes of work you get used to the interface, which is not very different.


It is the perfect complement for Photoshop or Gimp. It is a workflow manager that will help you both to reveal your photos in RAW and to organize your photos . You will save a lot of time automating processes with Lightroom and when you get used to using it, you will not be able to live without it.

BlackBerry Photo Recovery Tool

Blackberry Photo Recovery

I have a huge collection of multimedia files such as audio, video, photos, documents, official notes, etc. on my BlackBerry memory card. Recently, I lost this data after formatting the memory card accidentally on my BlackBerry phone. Now I am in need of this data back, especially the images. So, what should I do to recover these lost images? Is it possible for me to recover deleted blackberry pictures? Please suggest any possible solution to recover all data safely.

Of course, you can restore all lost images from the BlackBerry memory card, but with the help of any third-party data recovery software like Remo Recover. This is one of the best and reliable apps you can restore photos with other data too much from the BlackBerry memory card in a few simple steps.

What should I do when I format the BlackBerry memory card?

This is the most serious issue, here you must take precautionary measures, the moment you format the memory card stop using it and do not store new data in order to perform the recovery process successfully. Storing other fresh contents or moving data from one place to another and transferring the object can lead to loss of memory card data permanently.

How is it possible to restore images from the BlackBerry memory card when I format?

This is a simple procedure, which can be easily accomplished with the help of Remo Recover Data Recovery application. Because when you format the memory card on the PGP BlackBerry phone, the data disappears from the memory card, but is not lost forever. This formatted data will remain in the memory card unless it is overwritten by other fresh data, that is, storing other fresh data on the card. Therefore, I suggested in the last paragraph that you do not use a memory card when you format it.

However, formatted images or data even lose their access pointer from the array, so you can not see or access this data from the map. In such a situation, use Remo Recover application to perform image restoration on your BlackBerry memory card, you can easily restore all the lost photos of it.

Other info: Wondering how to find lost photos on memory card ? Then use this Remo Recover software that allows you to restore all the lost photos of various brands of memory card quickly.

How should I believe that Remo Recover performs a successful image restore from the BlackBerry memory card?

No need to worry, because Remo photo recovery program provides you with the demo version that you can use to test its ability to restore photos from the map. The demo version and the full version of the Remo Recover application are almost similar, but the demo version does not allow you to save the recovered data from your card. You can simply preview the restored images in the File Type view and the data display format. Once you have confirmed that the software has restored your lost photos from the card, you can purchase this software to save all restored files to your storage media.

The main features of the Remo Recover application

  • Retrieves images of different brands of cards used in BlackBerry phones
  • Recover deleted and lost images from the memory card
  • Recover photos from inaccessible, virus-damaged, damaged or damaged memory cards
  • Support for Windows and Mac operating systems

Security measures to prevent data loss

  • Scan your map regularly with an updated antivirus application
  • Back up your critical data in any other external storage device
  • Attempt to recover bad sectors of the memory card

The Undersecretary for Small and Medium Enterprises, Miguel Marón Manzur, launched the Mi Cerrajería National Program, which will provide, in its initial phase, training, consulting and financing from 50 to 150 thousand pesos to 335 locksmiths.

This program files consists of the administrative, technological and commercial modernization of the locksmiths, explained the official when inaugurating the Eighth Expo Locksmiths that counted with the participation of manufacturers, distributors and goldsmith craftsmen.

“Until today, the locksmith, the microentrepreneur, had no way to access technology, he did not have money to change the machinery, to make his production processes efficient, and that, naturally, he was taking it out of the competition”, He said.

Marón Manzur explained that this Program is based on two major components, training and consulting, and financing for the acquisition and renewal of equipment for the development of a new image.

He invited the entrepreneurs of this sector to take advantage of the support of the Federal Government to modernize their locksmiths preston and that they can offer products of higher quality and better price.17

The Undersecretary for SMEs said that this tool is part of the National Microenterprise Program, which aims to increase the competitiveness of economic units through a technological, commercial and administrative modernization scheme that allows them to consolidate their position in the market.

In Mexico, microenterprises account for 96 percent of the country’s economic units and generate more than 40 percent of employment.

SE and IMPI protect patents and brands of SMEs On the other hand, the Undersecretary for Small and Medium Enterprises of the SE, Miguel Marón Manzur, announced a program files, launched together with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, IMPI, to offer training and advice to micro, small and medium enterprises in order to protect their patents and register their trademarks, notices and trade names, industrial designs and utility models.

This program will offer the services of training and legal advice in the five Mexico Emprende Centers of the Federal District, located in the headquarters of the business organizations of CANACO, CONCANACO, CMIC, CANACINTRA and COPARMEX.

In Mexico Emprende Centers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will be offered training sessions and advice by IMPI specialists. In a first stage, the sessions will last two weeks.

This same scheme, which will be replicated from August in the rest of the country, will have as a second stage the training and advice to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Mexico Emprende Centers located in the cities of Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mérida, León and Puebla , in which companies will be given facilities, with the support of the IMPI staff, so that they can initiate the procedures of registration and protection of their industrial property rights.

Customize and Modify Desktop Style

There are no two people with equal tastes, so the style and the way we organize each other’s team will always be different.
In Windows we have the possibility of completely transforming the way the Desktop is displayed.
The Desktop really is a user’s folder, but its content is the first thing we see when turning on our computer, so it’s something like its facade.
In this article you will find several ideas, perhaps you do not know some of them and you can put them into practice, of course always giving the end, your style and personal touch, you may visit for more information.

Change the look and make the desktop more accessible

The following screenshot is a screenshot of my daughter’s Desktop, yours does not have to be the same, but it can give you ideas that will help you personalize it.
They will explain the tricks necessary to achieve it, one by one.

Using photos as icons in folders

In Windows you can change the default folder icon which is the classic semi-open yellow file.
In the Customize option that is on the Properties tab, you can choose any other icon available, which by default are in the file shell32.dll. What many users do not know, is that it can also be used as an icon for a folder, a photo or an image.
How to do it?
The only requirement to achieve this is that the photo or image is in BMP (bitmap) format.
This is not at all difficult, we can convert any image file, whether JPG, PNG or any other, in BMP format with the simple Paint program included in Windows.

Convert the format of an image with Paint

• Start Paint, just type in the Paint or mspaint start box and press the Enter key, you can also find its shortcut in the All Programs -> Accessories list.
• Drag the photo and release it on top of the program.
• Cut it if necessary using the Select tool , try to provide sides, ie square.
• On the menu: Save As in Type , select “Bitmap 24 bits” and press the Save button.

The image is now ready, save it now in a location other than the desktop and it is only used as an icon, so do the following:

✓ Right click on the folder to change the icon and in the menu choose: Properties.
✓ In the Customize tab use the “Change Icon” button.
✓ Use the “Browse” button, look for the folder where you saved the converted image, so that it is necessary in the slider menu in the lower left corner to choose: “All files”.
✓ Select the image and upload it.
✓ Press OK on both windows.

You’ll see that the folder now looks different.
In the same way you can completely customize your entire desktop, it is something similar to the portal of our house. Just be careful to save the images converted to a folder in another location, so that they are not erased by accident, but you will have to start the whole task from scratch.

Restore a centennial model of the first Valencian cinema projector

The Valencian company Aguilar Cinematografía has restored a model of the first projector of cinema designed in València, the Belloch B-1, the only cinematographic apparatus that has been preserved complete and restored since its date of manufacture, in 1917.

The Brothers Belloch, authors of the restored projector, were pioneers in the Valencian cinema, since they opened their workshop in 1910, fourteen years after the first screening of cinema in València, in a period in which the filming happened of being a spectacle of Fairs to be accepted in theaters and cinemas.

The company Aguilar Cinematografía, which has exercised patronage in the recovery of the device, today presented the project to restore the B-1 projector in an event attended by the heads of Documentation and Research of the company, Yuri Aguilar, and Restoration , Antonio Aguilar.

Yuri Aguilar explained in a press conference the process of restoration of the projector, which began in the summer of 2016, when the researcher found the model in the virtual sales service between private Wallapop in a chicken coop of Algar de Palancia, a town near Segorbe , One of the points where Matías Belloch developed his trajectory related to the cinema.

He said that the restoration project has not been “a matter of money”, but the objective has been to “make known and divulge to the memory of the Valencians”, since Valencia has been “one of the cities with more Workshops of cinematography “.

On the other hand, Antonio Aguilar has highlighted, regarding the complete restoration process, which has estimated close to 120 hours, the difficulties encountered, since “there is no screw that is in a current hardware store”, to restore machinery that Has clarified as “original” and in which “everything works,” since it is “the only model that is preserved complete.”

The company Aguilar Cinematografía has announced that the restored Belloch B-1 projector will be exposed during the next two weeks in the lobby of the Casino de Agricultura, while in June it will arrive in Alcoy, in the exhibition of the 120 years of the arrival of the cinema to This locality Alicante, the first in which Matías Belloch began to project films. For more information about the project you visit Hier geht es zur Webseite. Thanks!


After summer, the skin has suffered a lot, not only because of the sun but because it is also saturated by the use of sunscreens which, although they prevent, suffocate the pores and dirty the skin. Therefore , the first thing to do after vacation is to go to a beauty institute to perform a facial cleaning and eliminate all impurities.

In today’s post I want to teach you  three types of cleanings that are done in a cabin. The best for each person will always depend on your skin type so the best thing is for it to be a specialist who recommends you the one that suits you best.

In the following video I show you how the three techniques are performed.


The facial cleaning with ozone vapor that allows to eliminate the black point without damaging it. The steam opens all the pores of the skin, which allows to completely eliminate all the dirt and particles accumulated in them. This is why it facilitates the extraction of black spots, the elimination of impurities with pilaten and prevents the formation of granites.

The steam relaxes the facial muscles, improves circulation and promotes firmness and youthfulness of the skin. Once the skin is elastic and moist, proceed to the extraction. At the end, we will pass the high frequency that is bactericidal.

If you can not or do not want to go to a beauty institute, a homemade alternative is to place a pot with water in the fire and wait for it to boil. Once it has boiled, remove it from the heat and place it on a table, so you can place your head on it comfortably and let the steam penetrate your skin.

So that the steam does not escape, cover your head with a large towel and approach the face to the pot so that you feel like all the steam impregnates your face and begins to take effect. Stay in this position for at least 15 minutes until the steam begins to disappear. After this time, wash your face with cold water and apply your usual toner and moisturizer.


Another way to clean the skin would be with a paraffin treatment . Paraffin helps to moisturize the skin and can perform the extraction correctly. In addition to optimum levels of hydration, it leaves the skin soft and smooth.

For this type of cleaning, apply a layer of liquid paraffin on the skin and let dry. Then, little by little, the mask is lifted and extraction is performed. The skin is cleansed and moisturized.


One of the treatments that I like to revitalize the skin and to clean it in depth after the summer is hidraderm or hydrafacial . It is a treatment that takes more than 5 years in the market and is the preferred of all people before a big event.

This type of cleaning, unlike the rest, uses a special technique in which several products are applied with different spiral heads that help the suction.

In this treatment the skin is worked in three phases . Cleansing in depth, exfoliating and refining optimally, dynamizing and strengthening and actively moisturizing.

The first step of hydraderm cleans thoroughly by suctioning and descaling the dirt aided by the application of Beta-hydroxy acids that reduces pores, wrinkles and gives smoothness to the skin.

In the second step, it performs an herbal bio- peeling that helps to detach the more superficial and keratinized layer of the skin, while reaching the interior of the pores, previously thoroughly cleaned.


In the third step, it gives the high tissues anti-oxidant doses through an exclusive multivitamin complex that penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin thanks to the fact that the skin is much more receptive after the previous steps.

In this image you can see the case of Ruth, the images are made with a facial diagnostic camera before and after this treatment. Before treatment, Ruth had 9,000 porphyrins or dirty spots on the skin and after treatment, 2,000. The results are spectacular!

The 8 best free programs to recover photos and deleted English files

We have all had headaches after deleting important data from your hard drive or SD card and you always wonder, there will be a real and reliable way to recover deleted data ? Of course, there are many ways to recover those files that you consider to be lost, thanks to which they have an innate ability not to disappear and that we could dare to say that it is only possible to eliminate them totally with the physical destruction of the device .

If you have a problem related to data loss, we will review the best free programs to recover photos and deleted files.


It recovers photos, videos, documents, emails and any other type of deleted file, is able to work in any storage unit, from hard disks to SD cards, USB sticks, external disks, etc.

If you formatted the memory or the hard disk does not matter Recuva also retrieves them, if you want, the software has an option to erase data from permanent form without leaving a trace, it is an excellent program.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

The program does a deep scan to recover your photos or deleted files, it can take several hours when the computer is not very powerful, the hard disk is very slow, or has a very large size.

It includes options to pause the scan and continue in toro momento, and even to save the entire process and continue where you left it, so turn off the computer.

The software is simple to use, with a very intuitive interface and everything in Spanish. The free version only allows to recover 2 GB of data , the version of payment is without limits.

It is an application developed by Convar , a company dedicated to the professional recovery of files, the program guarantees the recovery of files that other competing software can not find.

Its ability to locate is very powerful, locates disk partitions even though the boot sector is damaged or erased.Also recovers files without header being one of the few gratuitous applications that do it. Maybe it’s one of the best shows on this list.

Glary Undelete 5

Easy to use and very effective, you simply have to launch the application, choose the disk drive and click theSearch button  . Locates all removable deleted files on the drive. Then just restore marks and you already have the file recovered.

The program is all in English and works with all units currently known.

Pandora Recovery

Is a known application to recover deleted files , works very well with Windows 10. It performs different scans depending on the type of content you want to recover and the conditions in which it is. It is capable ofscanning system files , compressed , hidden or cryptographically encoded .

Disk Drill

It is commonly used on Mac but now you can find it for Windows. Recovers erased or damaged data from hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage systems. It also revives partitions of erased or damaged disks and keeps a record of coughing the files you delete for if at any point you want to recover them.

Wise Data Recovery

Specially designed to recover photos and videos stored on a Smartphone or SD card. It also works with all types of files, you just have to select the unit and click on the search button to start the process. It is possible to download a portable version that does not require installation.

ASupport UndeletePlus

Although it works with all types of files, its latest version comes equipped with Photo Smartcan which is a specialized option to recover deleted photos.

It works very fast and very exhaustively, its activation is manual if you want a deep recovery you must do it manually. By default it only uses fast scanning. Visit como aprender ingles em um mes for more information.

Signs of recovery for the Italian coffee vending that grows 3%

The vending in Italy leaves behind the recession and the adjustments imposed of the IVA to close 2015 with signs of optimism for the whole of the industry that grows in line with the moderate recovery of the economy of the country And the return of consumer confidence, a situation very similar to that of our country.

According to data provided by the Italian Association of Vending, more than 30 million Italians use the vending coffee machine rental for offices and considering consumption in both traditional equipment and in homes and offices, last year was a turnover of 3.4 billion euros , Which represents 3.1% more than the previous year. It was not only an effect of the new tariffs since there were also more consumptions, about 10.5 billion, which means a 2.6% increase.

The world of vending in Italy has traditionally been linked to the management companies that are responsible for the installation, maintenance and supply of machines, however, in recent years there has been a significant evolution in the purchase options that the Consumer, preferring more coffee in single-dose.

The consulting firm Accenture has done a study for Confida in which it analyzes all these new tendencies of consumption. This year for the first time in the study of the world market for automatic and semi-automatic distribution, this coffee is taken in portions, regardless of the chosen supply channel to take or buy it, including the Internet.

Among the most relevant data is the fact that, in Italy, 1.9% more coffee was consumed in Italy in 2015, recording, as has been said, new developments in the market, such as the fact that different customers (for example, Offices) have left the traditional service circuit with the free installation of machines to rely directly on offers in other channels such as retail, retail or online shopping.

In many offices, coffee is no longer offered by the management and it is the employees themselves who organize themselves to contact a manager or a service that supplies them with a machine.

In this regard, roasters are increasing the production and marketing of capsules compatible with these systems, an evolution that is also confirmed by the increased production of empty capsules by specialized companies.

As Erwin Wetzel, CEO of the EVA, said, small grocery stores are starting to be equipped to serve coffee in the stores, entering into the machine business to offer customer solutions without having to buy a professional machine For the local.

With this scenario, the activity of the professional manager has decreased almost 25% compared to 2014.

The results on the traditional vending market showed a slight increase in the volumes attributable to the greater number of working days of 2015 and also to the seasonality that has driven the consumption mix.

Thus, the consultant identifies a strong growth in the consumption of cold drinks that increase 10,5%, due to the high summer temperatures, especially in the month of July, that were significantly higher than the previous year, whereas the consumption of Hot drinks and snacks are stable.

Consumers continue to go to the vendors for traditional products, such as snacks, and not in response to the need to have lunch. However, there has been an increase in the consumption of fresh produce and food that can eventually replace meals such as the sandwich market which grew by 7.2% and prepared meals which did 18.8%, although They still represent a niche market.

The most frequently consumed products are hot or cold drinks, a sign that the vending machines are the first to go to satisfy the desire of a coffee and to quench your thirst.

They continue to be a channel of convenience that takes the products to the places where they work, are studied or are expected, with an offer of products that invites a certain commercial relationship. In this sense little has evolved.

The future of the vending machine

In recent years, automatic distribution has gradually diversified its scope of action as well as a business in itself (in different places), expanding the range and type of products offered, not just food; As a complementary technology to the traditional store, which offers many benefits, completing the physical channel offering, product assortment, brand loyalty, organizational efficiency and a better shopping experience for the customer.

Today, thanks to the integration with the Internet and modern digital devices, the vending machine is exploring new methods of consumer service.

It went from being an instrument of dispensing a product to a point of information and service able to customize the offer according to new consumer trends.

For these reasons, it is increasingly common to find the vending machine integrated in traditional clothing stores, consumer electronics, flowers, beauty and perfumery, even in more particular niches such as works of art or bulbs.

The recipe of the actors to achieve a “film body”

There are papers that require great bodily changes. Males usually gain muscle and females, stylize and tone. Magic, genetics or effort? How they do to achieve it in a short time.

How did you have that body in such a short time? It is the question that often jumps to our heads when we see an actress (sometimes an actor) with an amazing change in her body. Males usually gain muscle and females, stylize and tone. Magic? Genetics? Or effort?

Juan “Maka” Coronel is the sports director of Crossfit Tuluka / Escuela Argentina de Coaches (EAC) and old school new body review has experience in training actors and actresses. “They prepare for some particular role that demands a greater body exposure, or in strips that start in summer and the shots require less clothing,” Colonel explains toEntremujeres and, in seconds, collapses fantasies. “First and foremost, we must know that artists are very professional and are in constant training or physical care, because they know that their appearance or their physique can be key to accessing a role in a film or a strip.”

But there are roles that require noticeable changes, and you have to focus on a certain type of preparation to achieve them. “When a film or paper requires them to have a certain physical appearance, that’s where nutrition and training play a key role,” says the trainer. It is common for a role to require that men have to be more muscular or defined and for this they need a certain training.

CINEMA MOVIES SQUADRON SUICIDE scene film squadron suicidal cinema scenes movies

“We are going to be focused on something mostly aesthetic. So the training will combine work with external weights (eg with kettlebells, dumbbells, bars and discs) and with body weight itself.” The idea is that you start to generate adaptations according to your objective.

Whenever effort is added to physical exercise, the physician must be consulted. “An exercise routine that combines aerobic (running, walking, cycling) and, according to age and without contraindications, supplement with supervised weights should be advised,” advises Dr. Norberto Debbag , a medical deportologist, in dialogue with Entremujeres . “Physical fitness is essential because if you start this training without supervision there may be risks and hazards, such as heart events, musculoskeletal injuries, among others,” says Debbag.

But, say those who know, not always work with weight generates more muscle volume, then, you have to do specific jobs to achieve the goal. “I want them to work with multi-articular exercises to involve large muscle mass and thus have a hormonal atmosphere beneficial and necessary for muscle building,” details Colonel.

This photo provided by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Tom Hardy, center, Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron, right, as Imperator Furiosa in Warner Bros. Pictures ‘and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action adventure film, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release (Jasin Boland / Warner Bros. Pictures via AP) new filme online 2017 mad max Fury on the Road scene scenes cinema film actor actors

If it is necessary to decrease adipose tissue, there is a specific rhythm that will accelerate that process. “It is common to use work at intervals of time and performed at a relatively high intensity so as to accelerate metabolism and maintain it well several hours after training,” says the coach. And it continues to overturn myths: if there is little time to lose weight and to mark muscles, it usually works double shift. Yes, two training sessions per day. In these cases, breaks will be key, such as nutrition.

What and how much to eat?

As we have said, physical exercise has to add adequate and goal-oriented food. In gyms there are usually nutritionists who propose a diet tailored to the person who is looking to gain muscle in record time. “If the actor or actress needs to gain weight, for example, the nutritionist will give a diet with more calories than usual, combining food with the type of exercise,” says Dr. Debbag.

But if it is necessary to lower adipose tissue, it is usually lowered without eliminating the amount of carbohydrates. “In this way, a favorable relationship between fats and proteins is generated and thus to start to use fats as fuel of the subcutaneous deposits that in the man usually lodged in abdomen”, adds Juan Maka Coronel. Once the fat percentage drops, the appearance and definition of the body improves a lot.

Tomk hanks nominee best actor in a scene filmed shipwreck nominated for the oscar award nominations-hanks united states beverly hills ace 3s 20010213 us actor tom hanks was nominated for an academy award for best actor for “cast away”, by the academy Of motion picture arts and sciences in beverly hills, february 2001. hanks is shown in a scene from the film. The oscars will be presented 25 march 2001 at the shrine auditorium in los angeles. US-OSCAR NOMINATIONS-HANKSUNITED STATESBEVERLY HILLSACE3S20010213US actor Tom Hanks was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for “Cast Away” “, By the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, 13 February 2001. Hanks is shown in a scene from the film. The Oscars will be presented 25 March 2001 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. AFP PHOTO / Francois Duhamel-Twentieth Century Fox / Dreamworks

Consuming quality food so that the body can repair and build the musculature worked and have available fuel for the type of training to which the body is submitted is one of the key ingredients in that express treatment to which some famous to submit Get into the body of their characters. Finally, the coach gives a golden tip: “The greatest protein synthesis and recovery will occur in hours of sleep, variable rather than important and often neglected to access such improvements.”

How to Recover a Lost Video from a Digital Camcorder or Action Camera

The modern digital camcorder is a device that simultaneously combines the functions of video recording and digital photo production. But its main purpose is also the recording of videos, and the production of photos is no longer a companion opportunity.

The fit shop action cameras can be distinguished as an isolated type of digital cameras. Its main characteristic is the compactness, the possibility to use it in the complicated conditions (humidity, dust, water, dirt), resistance to the impact and the liquids, the mobility (there are several types of fasteners). Precisely what is mentioned is what makes the action chamber comfortable and attractive for use in extreme sports or outdoor activities.

Where to store data from a digital video camera

According to its characteristics digital camcorders are very diverse, but in this article we will be interested precisely in the way of saving the data by a digital camcorder. Therefore , the videos recorded by the digital camera or by the action camera can be stored in:

  • The internal memory of the device
  • The integrated or removable hard disk
  • (SD, SDHC, Micro SDHC, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SDXC, Compact Flash, Picture Card, Memory Stick, XC, MMC)
  • CD / DVD disc (today this method is no longer current).

The main formats in which recording by digital camcorders are recorded, include: AVI, MOV, MP4. They can also be: MKV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, FLV, etc.

Possible causes of video loss from a digital camcorder

The most common causes of lost or corrupted video files from a digital camcorder may be:

  • Corruption or failure of the storage medium
  • Involuntary or intentional formatting of the storage medium
  • Accidental or intentional deletion of the video file
  • Loss of files during the process of copying from the camera to the computer
  • Stop camera operation during video recording (accidental or consequently low battery level)
  • Physical corruption of the camera as a result of an impact or penetration of water (especially true for action cameras).

The storage media used by action cameras or digital camcorders may be corrupted as a result of:

  • Corruption of the file system
  • Virus infection
  • Corruption or camera failure
  • Stopping or improper use of the camera
  • Extraction of the information storage medium in the read / write process.

In case of a situation that coincides with one or more of the indicated symptoms, we recommend that you stop using the camera or add any new files (photos or videos) to your storage medium. In case of corruption or error on the memory card, do not rush to format it. Otherwise, the acts of the user may lead to the continuation of the loss or irreparable loss of digital camcorder or action files.

Restoring photo or video files from a digital video camera

In the case when the storage media of a digital camcorder received no physical damage and is in fact able to operate, then regardless of the cause of loss, your photos and videos can be restored with the aid of the programs intended To file restoration. To do this, connect the camera to the USB port of the computer using the device interface (USB, micro USB, mini USB, or other). If the video recording is done by the camera to your memory card, then you can also connect it to the computer through a card reader.

Then run  Partition Recovery and scan the memory of your camcorder, camera, or memory card with your help.

With the help of the Hetman Partition Recovery program you can retrieve video files or photos from camcorders or action cameras from many popular manufacturers, including:

  • For digital camcorders: JVC, Canon, Samsung, Panasonic, SONY, GoPro, Nikon, etc.
  • For the action cameras: GoPro, YI, Ricoh, SONY, TomTom, Nikon, Olympus, Garmin, Veho, 360fly, Polaroid, Panasonic, etc.
How to recover files that you accidentally deleted from the computer

You selected it, you clicked the right mouse button and you ordered: Delete .But damn, that was not the file you wanted to erase.

And now you despair, believing that you lost forever that list of contacts that took years to elaborate, your favorite putlocker movies, the thesis that you had to present in a week or the photos of when your children began to walk.

Do not panic. It has a solution.

There are two options to recover these important files and it seems that nothing happened.

Of course, you should start as soon as possible and your hard drive is in good condition.

1. Search the Trash

If you had enough reflexes to not press the right mouse button again and select “Empty Recycle Bin”, the file should be there.

And is that the Trash is a kind of folder in which is stored content, although it has some special features.

The main one is that it has a capacity (in megabytes) assigned by Windows or iOS, a percentage of the size of your hard drive. When it fills up, the Trash starts automatically deleting files, starting from the oldest one.

So, if you’re lucky and still have space left, you’ll find your precious file there.

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And to recover it you will only have to click on it and select the option Restore this element .

You can also rescue each and every one of the files in that folder, in the same way but choosing the option Restore all the elements.

Once this is done, the items will return to the same place they were when you cleared them.

2. Download a stove

This is the way you should choose if you were not so lucky and the files are no longer in the recycling bin.

The good news is that computers never really eliminate what you erased.

This means that if you accidentally deleted the Recycle Bin, the data , the ones and the zeros that make up the documents that you think you lost, are still recorded on the disk .

Therefore, everything that you need to overcome the disaster is one software data recovery .

There are several network options and many of them are free . Here we present you the most popular.


It is the best known free software for this type of tasks.

It was developed by Piriform, the team behind the successful cleaner CCleaner, an application to remove unnecessary Windows files and thus improve the performance of the computer.

Recuva is compatible with both the Microsoft operating system and Apple’s and you will find it on the download page of the program on the internet.

Once downloaded, a desktop shortcut will be created. And the easiest is to use the wizard that starts by default when you open the program.

The program allows you to choose the type of file to recover: documents, music, videos and images. And also what storage unit you want to be scanned.

Of course, it is more efficient with recently deleted files. So if you erased it six months ago you most likely will not be able to recover it.

Data Recovery

Like Recuva, it is compatible with Microsoft and Apple and also has an intuitive interface that helps you carry out the task step by step.

To use this program from EaseUS developer, you must first choose the type of file you want to restore (documents, music, videos, graphics, emails), but you can also select All files .

Image captionThe good news is that computers never really eliminate what you deleted.

Then you will have to indicate where you lost your files, whether in the Recycle Bin, on the Desktop, My Documents, partitions, or on some external removable devices, since your scanner will check each of the devices connected to the computer.

In case you do not remember where you deleted it, it also offers the option I do not remember .

If you chose the All files option in the previous step, after the scan you will be shown the preview of the found items. So you no longer have to click on the one that interests you to recover it. And if you do not find the file that interests you in the list, you can always request a more in-depth scan.


Fryer without oil Actifry Files

Frying food without using oil is not something that is heard every day and probably many people think it is a joke. The fact is that it is completely possible thanks to the actifry oil-free fryer, created by Tefal and of course offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional cooking methods. In this post we will tell you precisely about the advantages of the oil-free fryer actifry , which is revolutionizing the way we cook and prepare our food.

Advantages of actifry oil-free fryer

To better understand how this fryer offers so many advantages compared to other kitchen utensils first you must know that the oil tank is replaced by a round container made of anti-adhesive material. In the center of this container is a shovel that is in charge of moving the food in such a way that the cooking of all of them is equal. Thanks to its transparent lid, cooking and preparation of food can be controlled.

The design of the fryer actifry allows to limit the absorption of fat in food , so when cooking with this fryer is actually used a minimum amount of oil compared to traditional fryers that to ensure total cooking require large quantities of oil. With the fryer actifry, only a spoonful of oil is needed since the hot air effect generated by the fryer is responsible for cooking perfectly any type of food.

Now, let’s move on to the advantages of using the oil-free fryer actifry:

First, it is only necessary to use a tablespoon of oil to cook up to 1 kg of fresh potato chips. If it is potatoes that are frozen and that already come precocidas, it is not necessary that the oil is added because this oil is already included.

The amount of time required to cook food is similar to conventional fryers, since although frying is much faster in a classic fryer, you should also take into account the time it takes to heat the oil .

One of the best advantages of the actifry oil-free fryer is that its electric consumption is much reduced by up to three times compared to any traditional fryer. This is a significant saving on the electricity bill every month.

Along with the above, do not forget that it is an easy to use fryer, which can be cleaned without problems, even in the dishwasher and also does not emit the typical smell of frying.

To be completely impartial, we are also going to mention a couple of disadvantages or drawbacks of using this type of fryers.

Due to the technology used, the actifry fryer can be somewhat expensive if compared to conventional fryers. However, it is important to say that prices have been declining and currently in actifry , is have promotions that include discounts of up to 50%.

It is also important to say that the potatoes are not actually fried to the same level as with a fryer with oil, but if you look at it from a healthy point, this is actually good since the potatoes do not have as much oil and good, to be We sincerely value health more than custom to oily potatoes. Check more information here Thanks!

Administrative papers of the dog files

Just like you, your dog has many administrative papers. Some are mandatory, others optional.

The papers of your dog concern his health, his race, possibly his pedigree. Your dog may need a passport or a birth certificate. You can get them from the breeder, your veterinarian, the seller …

The sales certificate

The certificate of sale is an invoice issued by the seller of the dog during the transaction. It must specify the date of the sale, the identity of the dog and its price. It is necessary in the event of an unacceptable defect in order to cancel the sale. This certificate is mandatory.

The papers of the dog


Dog papersDuring the first vaccination visit to your veterinarian, he will give you the health recordof your dog. It will make it possible to register all the vaccines carried out during its lifetime, the reminders and the medical acts. Your veterinarian will mark your dog’s date of birth, name, breed, identification number and name and contact information.


The birth certificate only concerns you if you have a purebred dog. It will be mandatory to register your puppy on the French Book of Origins (LOF). It mentions your dog’s name, registration number, race, but also its physical characteristics and the names of its ancestors over at least four generations.The declaration of birth must be made by the farmer within two weeks of the birth.


The declaration of breeding is necessary for breed dogs likely to be registered in the LOF. It must be sent to the Central Canine Society within eight weeks of mating.


The pedigree applies only to breed dogs enrolled in the LOF. It is issued after a confirmatory examination when your dog is between ten and sixteen months old. It confirms that the standards of the breed are respected, establishes the family tree, indicates its name, that of its breeding.


The European passport , on which the rabies vaccination is affixed, is compulsory to travel freely with your dog. Some countries require a certificate of good health.


Since 1999, your dog must have an identification number . Identification is done by tattooing or by injection of an electronic chip. This last technique replaces the tattoo for medium sized dogs identified after July 2011.

Where to find these papers?

Knowing where to find these papers is not always easy.


The veterinarian will give you the certificate of good health, the European passport or the health record.


The seller sends you the certificate of sale, the birth certificate and possibly the provisional identification card.


The Central Canine Society manages the application for pedigree, declaration of breeding and declaration of scope.

What if we lose the papers of his dog?
For the identification card, a duplicate can be requested from the Central Society canine , via the veterinarian who will fill out the documents attesting that it is indeed your pet. A new passport with a new number can be delivered to your veterinarian, but you should pay attention: take care!
Dr Elisabeth Tané, veterinarian.


The computerization of medical history (HC) has become, in recent years, the objective of most of the work of Medical Informatics.

The replacement of the traditional HC, on paper, by a computerized medical history (HCI), responds to several needs:

1.- Solve the two classic problems of HC files

  1. The continued growth of stored volume, which creates serious problems of physical space, and
  2. The inevitable transfer of original documents, with risk of loss and deterioration.

2 .- Allow the rapid transfer of existing health information of a patient to distant points, thus unifying, in fact, the HC above the limits of healthcare institutions.

3.- Make this information available to researchers and health planners, in an easily accessible and treatable form.

What is the Clinical History?

It is the key element for the professional practice of health personnel, both from the point of view of care – it acts as a reminder for the clinical management of the patient – and from the researcher and teacher, allowing the retrospective analysis of the professional work of health professionals.

It can be defined as a document that collects the information that comes from the clinical practice relative to a patient and summarizes all the processes to which it has been submitted.

In the old days, when there were hardly any hospitals and the OBGYN doctor attended individually to all the patient’s needs, his medical records were like a notebook where the most important data was recorded according to his criteria.

When specialization, teamwork and hospital medicine appear, the clinical history became the shared responsibility of a group of professionals. This forced the structuring of the information in a coordinated way.

Despite the high value it has in all aspects (health, legal, educational, research, etc.), there are not too many legal provisions on the obligatoriness of its existence, the documents that compose it and its structure.

And of the different ways that you can order the documents of a story, homogeneously for the whole hospital, usually the chronological by episodes is the most used. In it are grouped the documents separating the information of the episodes of admission (from the date of admission to the hospital until the date of discharge), the documentation of the consultation episodes.


The best: every patient has a single history number

If the story is unique for each patient in a hospital and its management is centralized from a single file, it is guaranteed that all successive episodes of that patient are preserved together.

Obviously, if these conditions are met, the subsequent retrieval of data is facilitated and is much safer and simpler than if the same patient had several histories of different episodes stored in different smaller files in various clinical services of the hospital, since they would be uncontrolled And uncoordinated.

Each patient has a unique reference number, which allows him to hang all the care records that are provided: surgical schedules, appointments in consultations, waiting lists, hospitalizations, emergencies, etc. All data are simultaneously recorded with their history number.

It is something like the current account of the bank, from which we can ask at any time for an extract and see all the movements that have had, and broken down by concepts. Here something similar happens, having the possibility to consult the database of all the assistance practiced to the holder of that history number.


Computerization is not the same as scanning

What do we understand by computerized medical history? For the one in which the information is captured in a mechanized way, that is, you do not use paper and pen to write, but are recorded by a computer keyboard.

A more technical definition would be a global and structured set of information, in relation to medical-healthcare of an individual patient, whose support allows it to be stored, processed and transmitted through computer systems.

Instead, if we decide to digitize the documents of the stories, the information is like a photo (facsimile) of the original and is as passive as the paper support from which it comes. It is nothing more than an emulation of the medical history on paper. The documents are digitized, but the data is still captured in a traditional way, on paper.

Unlike structured information, it does not allow automatic validation, query formulation, statistical processing, program utilization to aid clinical decision-making or quality control. Therefore it must be associated with other auxiliary information, redundant, that acts as an index (an example may be bar code labels to be able to retrieve a document).

In every medical institution, the Clinical History is the most important file, it contains vital information for medical, administrative and legal management. It is the most important module of the system, since all the others are referring to the registers that it manages. It may or may not be present in the system, but its bases must be installed so that the other modules can work.  

The basic clinical history can be integrated modules of different specialties such as laboratory and complementary studies to which you can add story models of different specialties and specific studies according to the needs of each user.
It is a system for storing patient data in the clinic (clinics, hospitals), easy to use. It allows the accomplishment of the Clinical History in an orderly way, the codification of the pathologies according to the classification of the WHO and the accomplishment of statistics. See WHO international classification of diseases .

It is unimaginable a current medical institution lacking a centralized information file such as the Clinical History as we know it, where the importation on each patient is distributed in several separate reports generated by each service and department involved, and in the minds of each one Of the doctors and paramedics in charge of the care of the patient in question. Access to the total accumulated information from a newly incorporated physician would be a real feat. The overcoming of this problem undoubtedly constitutes the justified and definitive triumph of the concept of clinical history as a fundamental tool of medical care,

The progressive accumulation of knowledge determines the arrival of a growing number of technicians and specialists who, sometimes without seeing the face at any time, collaborate in the care of the same patient. In these cases, the Clinical History becomes the only means of communication between each of the members of this virtual team. Although the computerization of the CLINICAL HISTORY does not solve, on its own, the whole problem of the management of hospital information, in many cases it offers alternatives that allow to reduce them in its expression or consequences, which makes its implementation desirable.

The HISTORY CLINICAL system allows the storage of:

  • A large volume of information, depending on the capacity of the hard disk that is used and access this data by different routes.
  • Maintain the updating of the clinical histories in a neat way, as well as the inter-consultations, complementary studies.
  • Compatibility with later versions and with accessory programs.
  • Integration with billing system, shift reservation, pharmacy, laboratory and complementary studies.

You can search by several items:

  • Last name and name;
  • Document number;
  • Social work number.

It provides the identification of groups of patients by different fields and statistics of the same: Social work; Pathology; Family and media history, etc.

Search and assign the base postal codes to the address of the patient in Capital and Provinces of the Argentine Republic, automatically. Controls the coded input of data, so that you can then correctly perform the statistics. It allows the automatic identification of several diagnoses based on the data we collect in history thus avoiding that personal distractions go unnoticed (in permanent development). Integration with Agenda, Billing and Vademecum system.

Control of the users of the system by means of Password and their work levels.

It has a vade mecum incorporated into this system. This allows checking the medication with the data collected in the Clinical History automatically, warning the doctor about possible contraindications or drug interactions.

To the main menu, which we access after having identified us as users. As we see in the same figure we have different options available we will pass next to describe the same ones. Patient data

can be searched for several items, according to the option we choose: Last Name and First Name: It is not necessary to fully type the last name or the name, with the first few letters is enough, if there are several that start from the Same way the options will be displayed on the screen and then you can select the one you want to examine.

In the Personal Data screen , the Clinical History number can be entered in different ways or the system assigns it automatically. It is important to emphasize that this number is the one that relates all the databases of the system that store patient information. For this reason the modification operation is a delicate task that is reserved for high level users.

The system is multi-dossier, that is, the same clinical history can be divided into several dossiers (x-rays, ultrasound, dossier, etc.). The processes related to files (petitions, loans, etc.) are made on the dossier and not on the medical history, although it allows a process to be applied to all dossiers in a medical history.

Thus, you can request, lend and return a portion of the medical record. Each of them will have a location and a state, at a given time.

The system maintains a list of defaulters: a receiver of a history becomes part of the list of delinquents as soon as the date foreseen for the return of the file (s) is exceeded without being returned.

The system allows the search of a dossier indicating its current situation (borrowed, filed, lost) and the date from which it is in that situation.

It is also possible to consult the loan history of a file.

The System provides the identification of groups of patients by different fields and statistics of the same: Social Work; Pathology; Family and media history, etc.
To use these options we must refer to the statistics module or the list module.


Along with the program in the same subdirectory there is a program called useful through which you can run some utilities that are not provided in this module built into the program.

This module allows to carry out a series of statistical studies of fields pre-selected for this purpose. It gives information about the total and the respective percentages of each item. The analysis of the data is performed in memory so it will be limited to this data vector that can be loaded. For analysis of more data, use the Statistical accessory module.


Make the list of patients sorted by Last Name and First Name.
It contains the data of Surname and Name, Street and number, telephone, Social Work and number of the same, first and last query.
If you want to perform Mailing to Patients you can do it through the agenda module.
The listing can be made under conditions that can be determined by the system user (see instructions below).

Allows the listing of patients by several fields indicating the characteristic of the same.


As its name implies, it leaves the patient selected but not in definitive form. In case of accidental download you can recover the deleted file with the utilities menu in the option to recover marked records. This option is only valid if a packet has not been previously made (definite deletion of marked records).


The first data entry screen corresponds to the personal data of the patients . The System provides for measures to control the reservation and security of the data that is stored in the same, security in the information available in the fields memos. The program takes into account the legal aspects of computerized medical records that must be collected by computerized medical records.


The provision of the reason for consultation is entered or entered in a coded form, being able to examine the different reasons for consultation that the patient has had during his care for the different services over time. It is recorded who records each reason, date and time and the service and / or sector that registers it.

Software for SEO

There are several software tools on the market that can facilitate the work of positioning in search engines. Most of these programs are priced quite high and its operation leaves much to be desired.

Fortunately, there is a suite of brisbane seo tools, whose free version offers truly useful features: Web CEO.

Web CEO is a software suite that brings together 12 SEO tools, including keyword analysis, ranking checker, popularity meter, web quality auditor, HTML editor, PPC campaign manager, landing page optimizer, FTP and Automatic sending to search engines.

Once our free account is created, we will be able to download updates of the database without cost. Once our web project is created we can start using these tools through an elegant and intuitive interface. Especially noteworthy are the position checker by key word and the meter of incoming links. Of course, it is not appropriate to abuse the function of automatic sending to the search engines.

Although the program has two payment versions with powerful advanced features (SmallBiz and Professional Editions), the free version is more than interesting and fully functional

There are several software tools on the market that can
facilitate the work of positioning in search engines. Most of these programs are priced quite high and its operation leaves much to be desired.

Fortunately, there is a suite of SEO tools , whose free version offers truly useful features: Web CEO .

Web CEO is a software suite that brings together 12 SEO tools, including keyword analysis, ranking checker, popularity meter, web quality auditor, HTML editor, PPC campaign manager, landing page optimizer, FTP and Automatic sending to search engines.

Once our free account is created, we will be able to download updates of the database without cost. Once our web project is created we can start using these tools through an elegant and intuitive interface. Especially noteworthy are the position checker by key word and the meter of incoming links. Of course, it is not appropriate to abuse the function of automatic sending to the search engines.

Although the program has two payment versions with powerful advanced features (SmallBiz and Professional Editions), the free version is more than interesting and fully functional

The recovery of weapons in the university of Abobo

Commander Gaoussou Kone said Jah Gao, did not need to advertise the list recovery of weapons, in the university cities of Abobo. At least this is what Paul Koffi Koffi, Minister-Delegate for Defense, on the Ivorian television set said yesterday. Asked about the voluntary weapons disposal operation initiated last August by the boss of Abobo’s commando camp, Paul Koffi Koffi said that “Jah Gao does not need to advertise around this operation Because in reality he has done only the work that is expected of him “. According to Commander Koné, the recovered weapons were in the hands of ex-combatants, Paul Koffi Koffi said that the arsenals belonged to the soldiers of Abobo.

Only, he remarked, they were not in the right place, That is to say, in the armory. Hence, according to the Minister-Delegate for Defense, the process of recovering the weapons in question, to deposit them in the armory of the camp commando of Abobo. What is the truth between these two authorities? On the subject of illicit weapons, Paul Koffi Koffi estimated that there were nearly 100,000 which are in circulation. Of this number, only about 7,000 weapons have been recovered. Also during the broadcast yesterday, Paul Koffi Koffi announced the return to his former site, in Bouaké, of the School of Armed Forces (Efa). A war school should be set up on the current Zambakro site in Yamoussoukro.

The What is the truth between these two authorities? On the subject of illicit weapons, Paul Koffi Koffi estimated that there were nearly 100,000 which are in circulation. Of this number, only about 7,000 weapons have been recovered. Also during the broadcast yesterday, Paul Koffi Koffi announced the return to his former site, in Bouaké, of the School of Armed Forces (Efa). A war school should be set up on the current Zambakro site in Yamoussoukro. The What is the truth between these two authorities? On the subject of illicit weapons, Paul Koffi Koffi estimated that there were nearly 100,000 which are in circulation. Of this number, only about 7,000 weapons have been recovered. Also during the broadcast yesterday, Paul Koffi Koffi announced the return to his former site, in Bouaké, of the School of Armed Forces (Efa).

A war school should be set up on the current Zambakro site in Yamoussoukro. The A war school should be set up on the current Zambakro site in Yamoussoukro. The A war school should be set up on the current Zambakro site in Yamoussoukro.


The main challenges related to the resumption of economic and productive activities related to impacted fisheries, aquaculture and sand mining were discussed during the first Technical Panel on Aquaculture and Fisheries held on January 19 in Belo Horizonte (MG) ). Organized by the Renova Foundation, the event brought together academic representatives, technical institutions and regulatory and inspection bodies to reflect, in a cooperative way, possible alternatives for the restoration of these activities in the area of ​​the Rio Doce basin.

“We value dialogue and we do not believe in prefabricated responses. The meeting is a time of learning that allows the different actors involved to work together to find solutions to this very complex problem, “says Estaneslau Klein, who operates the Resumption of Aquaculture and Fisheries Activities program.

First Technical Panel on Aquaculture and Fisheries Activities, held on January 19 in Belo Horizonte (MG)
The first Technical Panel on Aquaculture and Fisheries Activities, held on January 19 in Belo Horizonte (MG). | Photo: João Bosco
During the event, data and diagnoses were presented in previous studies on the subject, experiences implemented and results, and the scenario of post-rupture of the Fundão dam was analyzed. With a multidisciplinary approach, the experts discussed the social, economic and environmental challenges and opportunities that contribute to the work developed by Renova.

These discussions will contribute to the development of the scope of the program. A key challenge is to integrate environmental remediation work, which will create conditions for river restoration activities, with the encouragement of aquaculture and sustainable fish production in the region, respecting and securing lifestyles, interests And professional and productive vocations of the people directly affected.

The next step is the commitment of the affected fishermen, aquaculturists, sand extractors and choosing a good baitcaster for their participation in the definition of the actions to be carried out.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sebrae-MG, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Epamig, Emater, among others, attended the discussion. Next month, a new edition of the panel will be held in Espírito Santo

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- Vince Gaggo

"Many thanks to File Undelete for turning an absolute disaster into a minor inconvenience.
"Your "File Undelete" software has enabled me to retrieve all of my back up files, from a corrupted USB hard drive. Loosing this data would have had serious consequences both personal and professional. I also thank you for the superb support you gave me."
-- Justin Corona

"It is surely a master piece. I would say it is one of the best file Recovery Software. Just few clicks & get the deleted files back"
-- Donald Macmillan

  What would you like to do?
  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover lost photos and images.
  • Recover lost office files.
  • Recover deleted iPod songs.
  • Recover deleted or lost logical drives.
  • Recover files from RAW drives.
  • Recover files from fdisked drives.
  • Recover files from repartitioned drives.
  • Recover files from formatted drives.
Advice on Data Loss:
When important files are deleted or got lost,
we recommend the following:
  1. Do not panic
  2. Turn off the power
  3. Do not restart the machine
  4. Connect the hard disk to another PC as a slave disk
  5. Don't run or write any software on the drive.
  6. Start the File Undelete to scan the correct drive
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