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Restore a centennial model of the first Valencian cinema projector

The Valencian company Aguilar Cinematografía has restored a model of the first projector of cinema designed in València, the Belloch B-1, the only cinematographic apparatus that has been preserved complete and restored since its date of manufacture, in 1917.

The Brothers Belloch, authors of the restored projector, were pioneers in the Valencian cinema, since they opened their workshop in 1910, fourteen years after the first screening of cinema in València, in a period in which the filming happened of being a spectacle of Fairs to be accepted in theaters and cinemas.

The company Aguilar Cinematografía, which has exercised patronage in the recovery of the device, today presented the project to restore the B-1 projector in an event attended by the heads of Documentation and Research of the company, Yuri Aguilar, and Restoration , Antonio Aguilar.

Yuri Aguilar explained in a press conference the process of restoration of the projector, which began in the summer of 2016, when the researcher found the model in the virtual sales service between private Wallapop in a chicken coop of Algar de Palancia, a town near Segorbe , One of the points where Matías Belloch developed his trajectory related to the cinema.

He said that the restoration project has not been “a matter of money”, but the objective has been to “make known and divulge to the memory of the Valencians”, since Valencia has been “one of the cities with more Workshops of cinematography “.

On the other hand, Antonio Aguilar has highlighted, regarding the complete restoration process, which has estimated close to 120 hours, the difficulties encountered, since “there is no screw that is in a current hardware store”, to restore machinery that Has clarified as “original” and in which “everything works,” since it is “the only model that is preserved complete.”

The company Aguilar Cinematografía has announced that the restored Belloch B-1 projector will be exposed during the next two weeks in the lobby of the Casino de Agricultura, while in June it will arrive in Alcoy, in the exhibition of the 120 years of the arrival of the cinema to This locality Alicante, the first in which Matías Belloch began to project films. For more information about the project you visit Hier geht es zur Webseite. Thanks!

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