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Signs of recovery for the Italian coffee vending that grows 3%

The vending in Italy leaves behind the recession and the adjustments imposed of the IVA to close 2015 with signs of optimism for the whole of the industry that grows in line with the moderate recovery of the economy of the country And the return of consumer confidence, a situation very similar to that of our country.

According to data provided by the Italian Association of Vending, more than 30 million Italians use the vending coffee machine rental for offices and considering consumption in both traditional equipment and in homes and offices, last year was a turnover of 3.4 billion euros , Which represents 3.1% more than the previous year. It was not only an effect of the new tariffs since there were also more consumptions, about 10.5 billion, which means a 2.6% increase.

The world of vending in Italy has traditionally been linked to the management companies that are responsible for the installation, maintenance and supply of machines, however, in recent years there has been a significant evolution in the purchase options that the Consumer, preferring more coffee in single-dose.

The consulting firm Accenture has done a study for Confida in which it analyzes all these new tendencies of consumption. This year for the first time in the study of the world market for automatic and semi-automatic distribution, this coffee is taken in portions, regardless of the chosen supply channel to take or buy it, including the Internet.

Among the most relevant data is the fact that, in Italy, 1.9% more coffee was consumed in Italy in 2015, recording, as has been said, new developments in the market, such as the fact that different customers (for example, Offices) have left the traditional service circuit with the free installation of machines to rely directly on offers in other channels such as retail, retail or online shopping.

In many offices, coffee is no longer offered by the management and it is the employees themselves who organize themselves to contact a manager or a service that supplies them with a machine.

In this regard, roasters are increasing the production and marketing of capsules compatible with these systems, an evolution that is also confirmed by the increased production of empty capsules by specialized companies.

As Erwin Wetzel, CEO of the EVA, said, small grocery stores are starting to be equipped to serve coffee in the stores, entering into the machine business to offer customer solutions without having to buy a professional machine For the local.

With this scenario, the activity of the professional manager has decreased almost 25% compared to 2014.

The results on the traditional vending market showed a slight increase in the volumes attributable to the greater number of working days of 2015 and also to the seasonality that has driven the consumption mix.

Thus, the consultant identifies a strong growth in the consumption of cold drinks that increase 10,5%, due to the high summer temperatures, especially in the month of July, that were significantly higher than the previous year, whereas the consumption of Hot drinks and snacks are stable.

Consumers continue to go to the vendors for traditional products, such as snacks, and not in response to the need to have lunch. However, there has been an increase in the consumption of fresh produce and food that can eventually replace meals such as the sandwich market which grew by 7.2% and prepared meals which did 18.8%, although They still represent a niche market.

The most frequently consumed products are hot or cold drinks, a sign that the vending machines are the first to go to satisfy the desire of a coffee and to quench your thirst.

They continue to be a channel of convenience that takes the products to the places where they work, are studied or are expected, with an offer of products that invites a certain commercial relationship. In this sense little has evolved.

The future of the vending machine

In recent years, automatic distribution has gradually diversified its scope of action as well as a business in itself (in different places), expanding the range and type of products offered, not just food; As a complementary technology to the traditional store, which offers many benefits, completing the physical channel offering, product assortment, brand loyalty, organizational efficiency and a better shopping experience for the customer.

Today, thanks to the integration with the Internet and modern digital devices, the vending machine is exploring new methods of consumer service.

It went from being an instrument of dispensing a product to a point of information and service able to customize the offer according to new consumer trends.

For these reasons, it is increasingly common to find the vending machine integrated in traditional clothing stores, consumer electronics, flowers, beauty and perfumery, even in more particular niches such as works of art or bulbs.

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