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You can use the product in 3 simple steps:

Select source drive.
Choose file you wish to recover
Scan & Save the recovered files

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Here you will find a selection of testimonials that we got back from satisfied customers.

The data recovery was successful. I bought the your software because quick scan feature in a trial version The program is easy to use, reliable and activation from trial to full version was simple so I am fully satisfied.

I just wanted to write your company a short note of thanks for offering the extraordinary high quality recovery software

"Many thanks to File Undelete for turning an absolute disaster into a minor inconvenience.
"Your "File Undelete" software has enabled me to retrieve all of my back up files, from a corrupted USB hard drive. Loosing this data would have had serious consequences both personal and professional. I also thank you for the superb support you gave me."
-- Justin Corona

"I accidentally deleted a number of important files and I figured they were gone for good. Thank fully undelete software was able to find and retrieve them. You saved me so much time! Thank you."

Yes, I recovered the importend part of my lost data sucessful. I used your Software on a pal Partition. Another question - I recovered my data on my office pc in the company I am working for. Now I do not need the software anymore and would like to delete it and install it on my home pc with the license - is this possible ? Best regards,

Dear Sirs...I would like to thank you for an extremely well made Product. Your file recovery software saved some very important files for me that looked like they were lost forever. For just over $39.95 I was able to fully recover data from a hard disc that was breaking down and on its last legs. The Manufacturer couldnt help me, Data Recovery firms charge a minimum of $750 just to look at the hard disc and then up to thousands of dollars if you want to actually recover your files. Your Product gave me a simple and inexpensive solution.

"We bought the your data recovery software and it recovered all the data we needed. Thanks to FileUndelete.netís software." -- Shirley Kirk

I am happy to provide your company with a testimonial as your product has retrieved a large part of my Outlook pst file which had information going back over the past 18 months. It has certainly saved me a lot of grief!
I had not backed up my Outlook pst file (foolish I know) and when my hard disk crashed I thought I had lost everything. Scanpst.exe could not get into the file to attempt to correct matters.
Your product saved the day so congratulations to you and it was worth the money!

Thanks for a great product, you make my job easier, and really make my business shine!

The software recovered all that was on my hard drive. I am currently exploring to see how well it did, and so far, everything seems to be intact, especially my vital information.
Very good software!!!!! Did what it said it would do too and was quite user friendly. Instructions as to what and how to use the software were clear. There is no requirement to be an expert to use it. Excellent work!!!!! Thank you

I just want to let you know that I was able to recover and save all of my files from my second hard drive, including all my MP4 Video that I was worried about.
I appreciate your assistance and patience all those days in trying to recover my deleted partition,

THANK YOU! With the help of File undelete, I was able to retrieve all my files from a failed hard drive

All data have been recovered, as I was worried about the data being lost as the most of the data are pictures which meant to keep as memory. Good job!

"your file undelete is well worth the price. It recovered all my files. While this data recovery was for my personal computer, I have already recommended it to my friends and colleagues having the same problem. Thanks for creating such a great product."
-- Rubalcava, Hiram

We found your product is extremely professional, and best of all were successful in recover of all our data. We are very grateful for all that you did to get our system back.
- Vince Gaggo

"It's really hard to tell you how excited I am when I see my honeymoon trip's pictures come back! I nearly lost all my special pictures had been taken at Maldives. I was so sad and disappointed. Until my friend recommended your software to me, all sorrow has been eradicated suddenly. I didn't lose even one of them. It's definitely an ideal software!!"

"I finally retreived the picture I has accidentally deleted because you guys were so HELPFUL with the technical support - I was SO excited to see the picture appear that I thought was long gone! THANK YOU!!!"

"I just have to Thank you for your files undelete software. It made my day to get my images back. Your software worked great!"

"I have tried the program to recover some precious photo I took on a recent holiday that were accidently deleted. I am pleased to say despite all other attempts to restore them unsucessfully, your program has restored them perfectly!
As far as I am concerned the software has already earned the purchase price. WELL DONE!"

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  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover lost photos and images.
  • Recover lost office files.
  • Recover deleted iPod songs.
  • Recover deleted or lost logical drives.
  • Recover files from RAW drives.
  • Recover files from fdisked drives.
  • Recover files from repartitioned drives.
  • Recover files from formatted drives.
Advice on Data Loss:
When important files are deleted or got lost,
we recommend the following:
  1. Do not panic
  2. Turn off the power
  3. Do not restart the machine
  4. Connect the hard disk to another PC as a slave disk
  5. Don't run or write any software on the drive.
  6. Start the File Undelete to scan the correct drive
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