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The 8 best free programs to recover photos and deleted English files

We have all had headaches after deleting important data from your hard drive or SD card and you always wonder, there will be a real and reliable way to recover deleted data ? Of course, there are many ways to recover those files that you consider to be lost, thanks to which they have an innate ability not to disappear and that we could dare to say that it is only possible to eliminate them totally with the physical destruction of the device .

If you have a problem related to data loss, we will review the best free programs to recover photos and deleted files.


It recovers photos, videos, documents, emails and any other type of deleted file, is able to work in any storage unit, from hard disks to SD cards, USB sticks, external disks, etc.

If you formatted the memory or the hard disk does not matter Recuva also retrieves them, if you want, the software has an option to erase data from permanent form without leaving a trace, it is an excellent program.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

The program does a deep scan to recover your photos or deleted files, it can take several hours when the computer is not very powerful, the hard disk is very slow, or has a very large size.

It includes options to pause the scan and continue in toro momento, and even to save the entire process and continue where you left it, so turn off the computer.

The software is simple to use, with a very intuitive interface and everything in Spanish. The free version only allows to recover 2 GB of data , the version of payment is without limits.

It is an application developed by Convar , a company dedicated to the professional recovery of files, the program guarantees the recovery of files that other competing software can not find.

Its ability to locate is very powerful, locates disk partitions even though the boot sector is damaged or erased.Also recovers files without header being one of the few gratuitous applications that do it. Maybe it’s one of the best shows on this list.

Glary Undelete 5

Easy to use and very effective, you simply have to launch the application, choose the disk drive and click theSearch button  . Locates all removable deleted files on the drive. Then just restore marks and you already have the file recovered.

The program is all in English and works with all units currently known.

Pandora Recovery

Is a known application to recover deleted files , works very well with Windows 10. It performs different scans depending on the type of content you want to recover and the conditions in which it is. It is capable ofscanning system files , compressed , hidden or cryptographically encoded .

Disk Drill

It is commonly used on Mac but now you can find it for Windows. Recovers erased or damaged data from hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage systems. It also revives partitions of erased or damaged disks and keeps a record of coughing the files you delete for if at any point you want to recover them.

Wise Data Recovery

Specially designed to recover photos and videos stored on a Smartphone or SD card. It also works with all types of files, you just have to select the unit and click on the search button to start the process. It is possible to download a portable version that does not require installation.

ASupport UndeletePlus

Although it works with all types of files, its latest version comes equipped with Photo Smartcan which is a specialized option to recover deleted photos.

It works very fast and very exhaustively, its activation is manual if you want a deep recovery you must do it manually. By default it only uses fast scanning. Visit como aprender ingles em um mes for more information.

"your file undelete is well worth the price. It recovered all my files. While this data recovery was for my personal computer, I have already recommended it to my friends and colleagues having the same problem. Thanks for creating such a great product."
-- Rubalcava, Hiram

"We bought the your data recovery software and it recovered all the data we needed. Thanks to’s software."
-- Shirley Kirk

"Oh! Great Undelete Tools, I get all my files back" -- Maykel Barcala

We found your product is extremely professional, and best of all were successful in recover of all our data. We are very grateful for all that you did to get our system back.
- Vince Gaggo

"Many thanks to File Undelete for turning an absolute disaster into a minor inconvenience.
"Your "File Undelete" software has enabled me to retrieve all of my back up files, from a corrupted USB hard drive. Loosing this data would have had serious consequences both personal and professional. I also thank you for the superb support you gave me."
-- Justin Corona

"It is surely a master piece. I would say it is one of the best file Recovery Software. Just few clicks & get the deleted files back"
-- Donald Macmillan

  What would you like to do?
  • Recover deleted files and folders.
  • Recover lost photos and images.
  • Recover lost office files.
  • Recover deleted iPod songs.
  • Recover deleted or lost logical drives.
  • Recover files from RAW drives.
  • Recover files from fdisked drives.
  • Recover files from repartitioned drives.
  • Recover files from formatted drives.
Advice on Data Loss:
When important files are deleted or got lost,
we recommend the following:
  1. Do not panic
  2. Turn off the power
  3. Do not restart the machine
  4. Connect the hard disk to another PC as a slave disk
  5. Don't run or write any software on the drive.
  6. Start the File Undelete to scan the correct drive
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